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>> Friday, July 1, 2011

10 tips for romance with the wedding reception to Sails

Think about your dream romantic interlude. Is this a dimly lit room, surrounded by candles, champagne, rose petals, chocolate covered strawberries and music? If so, you're not alone. Read a book, watch a movie or seeing a picture of a "romantic evening", the media often give us this magical image. If you want the same atmosphere of your wedding to make you do with a few simple (and cheap!) Purchase of wedding favors to candle and some accessories.

Here are some suggestions for the perfect setting for your wedding or event:

1) Buy or just above or frosted glass candle holders with tea for your event. clear glass reflects the light of burning candles and adds a warm golden glow on the tables. Frosted glass provides a soft, white cast to decorate the reception. You can go to a simple, inexpensive and hold a craft store or you can buy a more detailed design of a company for marriage. Anyway, we know that there is a small design is more if you want the candle for me the main goal of his - not the design of the lights.

2) To choose your romantic reception flower arrangements. small silver vases filled with red roses short, the typical and ideal composer. However, a call for non-traditional and more glamorous, you can collect in white craft classes and put them in a clear bottle long and filled with clear stones. You will then be decorated with miniature white lights and hanging crystals to reflect the candle.

3) The mirror in the center will also provide more light candles to remember the right accessories, you need less light in each frame.

4) Sprinkle rose petals on the tables and between fires. I do not think that is a layer of heavy or dense petals. A scattered light to do. Sometimes more is better.

5) Be sure to place candles in strategic locations throughout the site: a hurricane vase with a candle through their comments, a bar full of tea lights, head table with a candle for each position, scented candles in the bathroom .

6) Give a romantic wedding candle for each of your guests to take home a touch of romance with them. You can also give each guest a personal book of matches, candles

7) During his glass of champagne, so ask at reception for chocolate covered strawberries in each glass to serve, or even a glass of champagne with a strawberry on them.

8) Do not forget to turn off the light in the room account. Less direct light, the more this place romantic. If there is a fireplace in place, make sure that the burns. Also be sure to talk to the DJ or band and inform them of home. Maybe you can reduce your input and dinner, followed by a more optimistic light dancing after dinner.

9) Do not forget to love soft music, sweet and romantic. If you create an environment not only is the lighting, the whole package. You want your music to the same feeling as the feeling that you try to create a mirror.

10) Finally, check with your location and make sure you can turn on the lights. Some places do not allow candles to be lit by fire codes and other locations may be possible. Before starting an event to ensure that planning can do exactly what you want!


Victoria Mische May 12, 2012 at 12:35 AM  

These kind of post are always inspiring and I prefer to share this link on my friend who is getting married this coming June. I'll surely say that she will terribly agree with your wonderful ideas.

The ideas will indeed make a fabulous reception on her wedding! Your effort in writing this article is well appreciated. Thanks anyway!

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Avinash Kabra June 21, 2013 at 1:52 AM  

Quite interesting tips. Loved to read them.

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