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>> Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wedding Ring

A specially designed wedding ring is one of the main aspects of the wedding party. Some traditional beliefs are inherent in making Wedding Ring thus making it even more special. That is why wedding ring is the latest in a series of gifts, also known as engagement ring, traditionally seen as an engagement present. In many European traditions such as wedding rings jewelry encourages the engraving of the name of one spouse and the planned date of his intended marriage on the inside of wedding rings, thus strengthening the bond of marriage if they become family heirlooms.

In the Eastern Orthodox and Eastern Catholic Christians, the exchange of rings is not part of the usual wedding service, but the exchange takeover ceremony. It is always in the form of a two-ring ceremony. Traditionally the groom's ring of gold, and the bride's ring made of silver, while the exchange of the ring takes place and they have been further blessed by the priest with holy water. The priest blesses the groom with the bride's ring later and puts it on the ring finger of his right hand, he then blesses the bride and groom's ring and places it on her finger. The rings are then exchanged three times by a priest or the best man. The French Customs believes that a wedding ring with the words "Faith, Hope and Love" makes a unique wedding ring

Special Wedding Ring studded with diamond stones are in high demand because of their elegant stylish look. In many British wedding ceremonies, the best man solely responsible for the wedding ring of the pair, and later to produce them at the time when the traditional wedding ceremony.


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