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>> Wednesday, July 13, 2011

College Girls For Few Fashion Practical Tips

Bring comfortable clothing: You can choose the type who do not mind a little inconvenience in the name of fashion, and that's good. But there are days that warm clothing is a must, as in the finals or the day after an ugly breakup, so be sure to have them on hand. Guess T-shirts, sweatshirts, jeans and cozy. Also bring comfortable thing to sleep, it will not bother you at your roommate, or surprise guests dropping by 3:00

Wear comfortable walking shoes: Unless you enjoy being miserable, it is mandatory. Ladies, do not walk around campus in high heels pumps. This is not Sex and the City - it is a campus and you are constantly running. Save the cute heels at the weekend.

Bring low maintenance clothes: Time is at a premium in college. Should it be the sink, do not open. Heck, if you must iron, do not open.

Please bring weather appropriate clothing: Remember that you walk around campus all the time, so if your school is in a cold climate, put a thick coat, scarf, gloves and waterproof boots. Here are some suggestions for warm winter clothes that are perfect for campus. Wear what you need to keep warm, even if it messes up your outfit. When trying to impress love you less with the hat, it's not worth your attention.

Spend the weekend clothes: Go ahead and bring the sweet stuff. You'll probably want to keep the weekend, though. No need for all dolled 8:00 class

Do not come to class half naked: This can be appreciated by a number of male students (and teachers, unfortunately), but this is not the way to be taken seriously in the classroom. Save the sexy stuff over the weekend and come to class looking for a little more professional. Even outside the classroom, the sexier to leave a little to the imagination and show only one function at a time. If during a belly-baring shirt, wear baggy pants. If you use a micro-mini skirt, paired with a big sweater.

Bring clothes you can layer:You will come from the cold in overheated classrooms and in the heat of the room which is suitable for a polar bear.

Experience the joy of thrift stores: Unless you are very lucky, you're probably not the means to maintain a fancy wardrobe, so, indulge your love of shopping by buying clothes at thrift stores. If you have the attitude that clothes must be expensive or new, would be a good time to lose. Most universities have funky used clothing shops around for cheap shopping, and selling your old clothes for a few dollars. For great deals, see also on clearance racks and on-line sites like eBay.


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