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>> Friday, July 8, 2011

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Men's Hair Care - Top 10 Tips for natural hair care thinning hair

One of the biggest complaints about the hair, men with thinning hair due to hair loss. But there are many ways to natural men loose hair thinning, without resorting to race away in the style plugs and comb-overs. Here are 10 tips for plumping thinning hair naturally.

Ask the first stylist to cut a larger bald area to minimize the amount and help create a more complete natural look. A good hairdresser makes the raw look, you can plop your hair after every wash. They also suggest selection of high quality salon hair products to achieve the looks you're after. If you can afford so it is usually a good investment.

Another Try shampoo amount and does not try too hard, or moisturizing shampoo that may worsen your hair, so it looks thinner. It would be best to choose products or other high-quality care, a hairdresser, this excellent ingredients, which will build the rest of your hair, because some products may be cheaper.

Third you wash the flurry of very cold water. This may seem a bit uncomfortable at first, but it is a few seconds to cover the hair, and it helps increase fullness and shine.

When the fourth dry your hair gently. Blot hair dry rather than rubbing, since Rough handling can accelerate hair loss.

Try the fifth root down the volume - many hair products on the market that can do it again, hairdressing is usually better results because of their high quality ingredients.

Sixth to blow-dry, separate hair 1-2 cm sections. Pick up each part of the chimney with a brush and blow dry the roots of the end of ragged cuticles, when a fuller appearance.

Seventh Less hair care tip is to try to blow on his head. Although this tip is not for everyone, can promote hair on their heads to move horizontally, and thus a better picture.

Eighth Blowing cold air slowly around. It may take longer, but it helps the more complete and perfect look.

Ninth Fingers hair. It's a handy tip for hair care products thinning hair as a brush or comb can smooth hair full of accidental and deflation. If, after hard work in the style looks fluffy, add a little hairspray to see your fingers to style and light in some parts. Does not directly put the hair spray because it can relate to.

Tenth Try not to use hair gel because it can be a hair flat. If you want to turn to gel to increase the density grows


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Unknown August 5, 2013 at 11:44 PM  

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