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>> Thursday, July 14, 2011

When you have a new baby, you may wonder how to ensure the beautiful and sensitive skin. Babies have skin that is very thin and sensitive, and this is quite different from the skin of adults. No doubt you love the feeling of a child's smooth skin, but you probably are not aware of the care needed to keep your baby's skin this way. Various skin disorders may occur in babies, and some skin care products can help others even worse. Here's a look at some important information and tips that all new parents can use when it comes to baby skin care.

Skin Disorders Common In Babies

Because babies have skin so sensitive that they often develop various skin disorders. You may not know what those conditions are, or how to treat them. Here's a look at some of the most common skin disorders in infants and some tips on how to treat these conditions.

- Baby Acne - a common skin disease often develop babies is baby acne. This usually occurs as small pink spots on their skin, usually on their face. Because of their mother's hormones, acne is frequent, but will likely run without special care.

- Chafing - Sometimes rubbing can occur when there is friction between the skin and clothing, or where the skin rubs together. Avoid tight clothing to this problem, and cornstarch baby powder to keep the irritation.

- Heat rash - You may have noticed some tiny bright red spots all over the body of your child. A lot of moisture and heat can cause this. Hold your baby in loose clothing and avoid keeping them in areas that are too hot to help with this problem.

- Eczema - Symptoms of eczema are scaly skin that is irritated and red. You have to keep the skin clean and dry, and you'll probably want to discuss this with your pediatrician. Babies with eczema tend to products designed for sensitive skin to use.

- Cradle Cap - This issue contains skin patches are very keen on the scalp of your child. Glands are overactive it can cause. To overcome this problem, use a little baby oil to soften. Then shampoo your hair and use a comb or brush to gently remove the baby mountain.

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