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>> Monday, July 11, 2011

First Kiss in the Rain

If you are lucky enough to experience first romantic kiss under the rain session, will remain in your memory for the rest of your life. You cherish the moments of her lip-lock in the environment created by none other than nature.

So, if you have the chance to kiss in the rain, see it as a moment is worth getting them.

Kiss marks a beginning of a romantic relationship. It is very important that this first step carefully so as a fun-filled romantic life ahead to insure. I recommend 101 by Michelle Penney kiss all the newbies to master the art of kissing and a big pillow experiment.

5 Tips To Rev Up Your Sex Life

During the first few months of a relationship, passionate session between the sheets on the menu almost every day - and then life intervenes. Work, kids, bills, mortgage, friends, family and general fatigue ... It all comes down to a busy schedule and lackluster sex life and you deserve better!

The act of injecting a little zest and romance back into your love life is easier than you think, just follow these tips and you will reverse the Kama Sutra in no time.

Just Kiss
Remember when you were in high school, and you and your boyfriend can make for hours on end? When we start from our youth, easy to forget how fun and exciting a passionate make-out session can be. Kissing can be a habit, or - even worse - all over beaten during foreplay, so make a permanent make-out Sesh, and see where it takes you.

BE A tease
Hope is the key to real brutal sex, flirting and teasing is to build anticipation and generate a sense of urgency. All this can give a passionate love and making a bigger, better release during sex. Send a kinky text or fire off a suggestive e-mail - or just whisper in his ear at your next dinner party you're not wearing a thong. That usually is the trick!

Enjoy an aphrodisiac
There are plenty of hot and spicy food is said to you sweaty and irritable, so make a meal of it! Chile, for example, contains capsaicin, a substance that releases endorphins, stimulates nerve endings and increases your heart rate. Almonds are high in the libido-boosting vitamin E, while the Goji berries have long been considered a strong sexual tonic in Asia.

The date
You need to get your sex life to prioritize and give time and attention it deserves, instead of squeezing sex between folding laundry and watching the late news. Planning a date is not all that spontaneous, but it may be even time to come together and focus without distraction. Besides, a romantic restaurant setting is the perfect opportunity for you to let your girlfriend know sans underwear (see point 2!)

Investing in sexy accessories
A pair of sexy stilettos are definitely in this category - people tend to go crazy for a woman wearing high heels and not much else - but we are actually referring to top-drawer accessories battery powered type. Grab your partner and visit an adult shop, so they can shop for toys!


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